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Tom & Jerry’s is just what we say it is – an old-fashioned full service repair shop with twenty-first century technology.




Jerry Schwan — the current owner, manager, chief mechanic and meeter and greeter – is the “Jerry” of Tom & Jerry’s. He has been working on cars, trucks, boats (we’re not sure how he missed planes, but he may get to them yet) for over 50 years.



Susan Sullivan–Office Manager

We offer complete, full-service repair on cars and light trucks. Because we know more about vehicles than just about anybody else, and we know you don’t want to run all over town looking for specialty service shops.  We handle  your services needs all in one place.

We do more than just claim to be a “one-stop shop.” We literally make it our business to be one place where you can go and get all your automotive issues solved. Whatever work is not done on our premises (specialty items such as transmissions) we still stand behind our promise. Our working partners are all very experienced folks and we’ve been partnering with them for years.

All of our mechanics are highly experienced and hard-working folks. They understand cars and trucks, know how to handle sophisticated electronics – and they won’t quit until they get the job done right.

We don’t claim to be the “cheapest” place in town, but we do believe we do it best. When we say it’s fixed – it’s fixed, without costing you an arm and a leg.

Wally Brumfield, George Dunn, Mike Moore, and Kevin Thomas

Wally Brumfield, George Dunn, Mike Moore, and Kevin Thomas

We repair, sell and service about everything that goes in or on a car or truck – and we stand behind every bit of it. Whether you’re buying tires, getting a tune-up or want an opinion on something that’s wrong with your ride – we’re the place to come.

We have VERY competitive pricing and our warranties are as good as anyone’s – and better than most.

We work hard to do the best job because we want satisfied customers – and their friends – to do all their repairs too.